I walked away from my first consultation with Sandra full of energy, hope and motivation. Her knowledge and enthusiasm had bowled me over, and I set about immediately following her advice to the letter. The results were incredible. Even my GP was amazed. Within just 4 weeks from starting my protocol my body had gone through a total reboot. I was, and still am, feeling great.

Hi, I’m Sandra Ishkanes


Functional Medicine expert in women’s health

Over the last 10 years I have helped hundreds of women to optimise their hormonal health by activating their natural healing response.

As a committed scientist with a degree in molecular biology, a masters degree in social anthropology, and years in clinical practice, the health solutions I deliver are backed by science and grounded in nature, for a truly holistic approach to women’s health.

As a functional medicine practitioner I work like a health detective. Symptoms are my clues, women’s bodies are my crime scenes. The mysteries that I solve the the complex health issues of women’s hormonal imbalances.

I go beyond medical dogma that only focuses on symptoms. I identify the individual root causes that lead to unbalanced hormones and so support women in resolving their gynaecological conditions. I believe in the unending ability of our bodies to heal themselves, and I have an understanding of the science of how to make that happen.

Like other women I have faced infertility, fibroids, and adenomyosis, and I healed them all without hormones, surgery or medication, and now I’m rocking my menopause .

I am the founder of Gynelogic and I help women reimagine their relationship with their bodies, cycles and hormones, empowering them to take control of their health and their lives. And now I’m rocking my menopause.


  • BSc Molecular Biology – King’s College, University of London
  • MA Social Anthropology – School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
  • DipION Nutritional Therapy & Clinical Training – Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London
  • Certified Metabolic Balance Coach

I am proud of my

  • Assessment of all aspects of your life that can influence a positive outcome
  • Rigorous application of cutting edge medical science to nutrition, lifestyle and stress management
  • Highly personalised approach
  • Tailored plan of action – because everyone is different
  • Relaxed and unhurried setting

Looking for a dynamic and engaging media personality? Look no further!

With years of experience in functional medicine, I am a sought-after expert in women’s health. My vibrant personality and ability to simplify complex topics has made me a favourite among audiences and media outlets alike. From online appearances to podcast interviews and expert commentary supporting journalists, I deliver informative and entertaining content that leaves a lasting impression.

Book me for your next media opportunity and experience the difference a true professional can make!


Tel: 07817664873

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Instagram live

I talk about the root causes of menopausal symptoms and the alternatives to HRT.

Please fast forward to 8.46 minutes if you want to jump to the moment when I start speaking, it took me that long to join the live!

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