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  • Overworked? Exhausted? Powering between career, family and friends and frazzled and libido-less as a result? No wonder you’re moody! But as New York psychiatrist Julie Holland explains in her radical and eye-opening new book,…

  • It used to be called a jumpoline ’til your mum got on it.Anon The prevailing view of our reproductive organs is that while they get some action, they don’t actually do anything themselves. This…

  • “Nothing burns like the cold”George R.R. Martin Winter is creeping up, is anyone else feeling it? A research paper out a while ago showed that more women go through the menopause in the winter…

  • “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”Chinese Proverb Rushing Woman Syndrome is a phrase coined by Dr Libby Weaver and it speaks to the phenomenon that is modern…

  • ‘I look at the clock… it’s 3am’: Why can’t women sleep? …A new book from the US … appears at first glance to be more of a feminist manifesto for Generation Xers than a…

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Sandra Ishkanes
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Brighton, UK

You can restore your health, all you need is the knowhow.

My mission is to provide trusted guidance and information to make menopausal health and wellbeing more accessible and attainable to all women.

My goal is to help women feel confident in their bodies and their future and to do so I create healthcare that empowers women by providing the tools and education to restore functionality so that their bodies are whole again.

My method is simple: I remove what is harmful and add what is beneficial based on cutting-edge science and traditional wisdom. In this way l provide effective and natural healthcare solutions for women of all ages.
Partner with me to feel healthier, look great, and increase your energy and resiliency to better deal with life’s stresses.