This was the first time I have ever done a detox and the first 7 days made an interesting week. At first I found it invigorating and realised how I had been drinking coffee at a ridiculously high potency-this I saw quite quickly this was adding to my stressed brain!

The detox was great felt levels of energy that I had not felt in a long time. My symptoms went from 40 plus to 13 the main issues were nights sweats, erratic moods and big anxiety!

The new way of eating, viewing food as a source of living nourishment is magic. Over the course of the Menopause Master Plan I have got back in tune with what works for me. I have a new level of energy, more focussed and this very welcome feeling of calm.

Sandra was a fantastic source of motivation and support, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping you get the most out of it. Thank you for helping me get here Sandra.

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