I met Sandra at a networking event recently. All I can say is that wished I met her over 8 years ago! She has completely transformed my health for good. I spoke to her at length about my peri menopausal challenges over the past 8 years and she suggested I attend her clinic for a consultation. The best 1.5 hours ever spent.

My specialist peri-menopause plan concentrated on my nutrition and had supplements personalised to me to support me – it has seen my whole health and mindset change.

Not only did she deal with this she also solved my Tinea Versicolor skin condition, recommending MCT Oil, who knew?!

She also recommended I lay off the running and concentrate on Pilates.

Two months on and my lifestyle has certainly changed for good. Anyone that is struggling with their health or nutrition or is feeling at their wits end struggling with their menopause I highly recommend you get in touch with Sandra, you will not look back!

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