Here’s why the Menopause Core Nutrition Solution works

The Menopause Core Nutrition Solution gives you the roadmap, tools and skills to gain confidence in your body and your future

Everything you’ve been told about menopause is wrong

At least 30 symptoms have been associated with menopause, ranging from the well known such as hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety and depression, to the less common such as allergies, tinnitus and itchy skin.

The received wisdom is that all of these are caused by a decreasing oestrogen and that replacing oestrogen should be the primary therapy in resolving these health issues – whether by HRT or bio-identical HRT, or plant oestrogens such as soya and flaxseed.

However a decreasing oestrogen level is the natural state of being which has evolved over millions of years. It is unlikely that evolution has designed a scenario where women outlive their reproductive years for decades (and outlive men) while having to deal with the severe debilitating symptoms.

Menopause is not an oestrogen deficiency disease – as promoted by some doctors – our bodies are ridding themselves of oestrogen. So the question is, what was oestrogen doing that was keeping us healthy, that is now missing?

It’s a little known fact that oestrogen is a sugar-burning hormone

Oestrogen allows us to use carbohydrates as sugar energy – we can’t use carbohydrates as energy without oestrogen.

This means that as oestrogen levels start to decline in peri/menopause, the use of carbohydrate as energy becomes more and more impossible. This means that the brain and the body are starving, while excess sugar is quickly converted to fat. This leads to the 7 core symptoms:

  1. Fatigue: you start feeling tired, all the time.
  2. Brain fog: your brain is deprived of energy which leads to brain fog, depression, memory loss and possibly eventually dementia.
  3. Hot flushes: a starving brain activated the fight or flight response causing an adrenaline rush to release high amounts of glucose from the liver into the blood stream – this causes hot flushes in the daytime.
  4. Night sweats: high adrenaline at night causes night sweats
  5. Anxiety: adrenaline rushes create anxiety which can lead to panic attacks.
  6. Low moods: a lack of energy to the brain can cause low moods
  7. Weight gain: high levels of blood sugar causes weight gain as unused sugar is converted to fat.


  • Adrenaline rushes at night mean that going to sleep and staying asleep becomes difficult;
  • High adrenaline destabilises potassium balance which means the heart can’t function properly and this leads to heart palpitations.

You are going through the menopausal energy switch: sugar burning is switching off and fat burning is ramping up

It is now well established that the core 7 menopausal symptoms are directly related to sugar metabolism that is mediated by oestrogen. If you continue eating a high carbohydrate diet – e.g. oats, rice, pasta, bread, potatoes – will end up with high blood sugar, high cholesterol, fatty liver, inflammation, weight gain and experience debilitating fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, heart palpitations and a myriad of other problems.

To get rid of all these symptoms, you need to switch to burning fat for energy. Fat burning does not require oestrogen, and is freely available in our bodies.

When sugar intake is low, the body converts fat to something called ketones. A low sugar – or low carbohydrate – diet encourages the body to switch from using glucose as a primary fuel source to burning body fat and using ketones for fuel.

This metabolic switch is the process that underpins the whole menopausal transition. This is what prevents the brain and body from starving as the oestrogen level is declining – the metabolic switch is a mechanism that compensates for energy that oestrogen has stopped providing. This is what you need to harness to reach optimum health in middle age and beyond.

Get your life back: at least 75% of your core symptoms can be reversed in 6 weeks just by making the right food choices

Once you become a fat burner, the results are stunning. In her clinic, Sandra has reversed at least 75 of symptoms in just 6 weeks through a specialised nutrition plan, resulting in:

  • zero hot flushes
  • zero night sweats
  • clear, pin sharp, sustained focus and memory
  • easy solid sleep
  • solid weight loss til you achieve your target weight
  • feeling calm and relaxed
  • feeling energised from the moment you wake up
  • normal heart beat

Do we need HRT?

Women are suffering in peri/menopause and the treatment for that suffering, HRT, is stuck in the 1960s. Feminine Forever, a book promoting HRT published in 1966 by Robert A Wilson, proclaims that it is “a fully documented discussion of one of medicine’s most revolutionary breakthroughs – the discovery that the menopause is a hormone deficiency disease, curable and totally preventable and that every woman, no matter what her age, can safely live a fully sexed life for her entire life”. He went on to say that because the oestrogen level in a woman’s body dropped after menopause, postmenopausal women who didn’t receive treatment were no longer truly female. Or feminine. Panicked women took up HRT in their thousands.

All HRT does is increase oestrogen so that you can eat and get energy from, carbohydrates. That’s all. You can avoid HRT simply by adapting what you eat to your changing metabolism. Adapting nutrition is safer, more sustainable and so much more in tune with our bodies.

Oestrogen dropping is normal. That is our natural programming. And our natural programming does not include suffering, as evidenced by millions of women worldwide who are sailing through peri/menopause without a single problem, or HRT.

Flip the switch!

Every woman can flip the menopausal energy switch, but doing it on your own is hard. Choosing the right foods can be a difficult process of trial and error. Yes low carbohydrate is the way to go, but which carbohydrates, and how low? Plus many women find it very difficult to suddenly reduce carbohydrates – they experience fatigue, cravings, irritability and bad moods.

My approach provides the right combination of alkaline foods, appropriate carbohydrates, protein and fats to make the peri/menopausal metabolic switch easy and fast, which means that symptoms reverse quickly and you can get on with your life.

I have spent the last 6 years developing and refining this approach to peri/menopause. It is based on scientific evidence and the experiences of hundreds of women. This course can easily and quickly eliminate at least 75% of symptoms by making a few simple modifications to your diet. You can completely change your experience of menopause and transition through this life phase healthier than ever. This new way of eating burns fat instead of storing it, reduces inflammation and nourishes your body to restore energy, vitality and health for years to come

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