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Invisible Women: Exposing the Gender Bias Women Face Every Day

“Invisible Women: Exposing the Gender Bias Women Face Every Day” by Caroline Criado Perez is an infuriating but essential read that uncovers the widespread issue of gender bias in various sectors, including government policy, medical research, technology, workplaces, and the media. This insightful work highlights a critical concern: our world, largely designed by and for men, often neglects to consider the needs of women, leading to far-reaching and sometimes devastating consequences.

Perez masterfully compiles a range of case studies, stories, and fresh research from around the globe, showcasing the myriad ways women’s needs and perspectives are overlooked. This comprehensive approach sheds light on how this oversight not only affects women but has a broader impact on society as a whole.

For us, as women striving to navigate and improve our health and wellbeing, understanding the content of this book is vital. It illuminates the often unseen challenges we face due to this systemic bias and empowers us to advocate for changes that recognise and address our unique needs. “Invisible Women” is more than a book; it’s an essential guide that highlights the importance of including women’s perspectives in all aspects of life, ultimately leading to a more equitable and balanced world for everyone.

By Sandra Ishkanes

I am a Functional Medicine expert specialising in women’s hormonal health. I work like a health detective, rooting out the underlying causes of hormonal imbalances and I take a whole-body approach to healthcare, combining nutrition, supplements, lifestyle upgrades and cutting-edge biomedical testing.


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