I wasn’t feeling any particularly acute perimenopausal symptoms before I did the course, but I’ve always been overweight, and been increasingly aware of the need for me to get into healthier habits as I’m getting older, so I went for this course – and never regretted it! The first week’s detox seems pretty hardcore at first, but I genuinely loved the shakes and never felt hungry, despite only eating green veg. I’ve gone cold turkey from sugar before, without this detox week, and it made a huge difference this time with no sugar cravings at all – which is quite amazing! It also sets the scene for having a truly delicious and exciting return to a smorgasbord of keto options, proteins and yummy sauces, and all the tasty meals you move onto after the first week.

I did find there was significant weight loss, and very effortlessly finding it falling away without feeling like I was particularly ‘dieting’. Much more exciting though, is the different kind of energy the course gave me – no drowsy post-meal dips or cravings to binge, but feeling really alert and awake for the whole day, while sleeping really deep and sound at night. I have to admit to slipping into some old habits now, months after doing the programme, but I’m really happy to think about doing the detox week again as a ‘reboot’ every once in a while, and giving me the same kick of energy and enthusiasm I’ve had from my first time. And with the really clear explanations of what each stage of the course achieves, and the rationale underlying the re-programming of what I eat, it all makes such obvious sense, once you know what it’s all about, you don’t drop the intention to keep going with the solution, even if you falter along the way.

I’d recommend it to any woman – not as a diet, but as a way of rethinking how your body works, and how to fuel it properly.

K.E. London

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