I was recommended to see Sandra, as I had a number of health issues that I was getting upset that my GP was not taking seriously. I had never heard of Functional Medicine, so I was a bit sceptical at first if this approach would help.

Vaginal dryness was one of my biggest issues. The medication that my GP had prescribed did not offer any relief. Sandra was able to sort the problem within 24 hours of using a natural product. I couldn’t believe how she resolved this issue so quickly and easily. It was painful for me to even walk. I now use regularly and don’t have any issues.

I was also suffering with dreadful pains in my stomach. I had been visiting my GP for over a year with no diagnosis. Gradually Sandra managed to eliminate different health conditions that could have been causing my stomach distress and eventually it was discovered that I had a hiatus hernia.

By eliminating all illnesses suggested by my GP, they eventually had no choice but to refer me for an endoscopy. Sandra has now put together a protocol which I am about to start that is a much more holistic approach in dealing with my condition.

I cannot recommend Sandra enough.

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