I have suffered menstrual migraines all my adult life sometimes 2 a month – wiped out for 2 days at a time. As I have got older they got worse, longer migraines, exhaustion, achy body, weight gain. I am a yoga practitioner, and vegetarian, don’t drink, don’t smoke. I have tried a lot.

Recently I have met Sandra who is a functional nutritional genius.

I have lost 2 stone, and haven’t had a migraine for 11 weeks! That has not happened since I was 15.

It did cost me money, I paid for a blood test, I paid for very high quality supplements, and another blood test. She gave me 1-2-1 analysis specific to my symptoms, within 2 weeks I felt differently.

Menopausal systems can be resolved, there are many roads. I am eternally grateful as I now know how to take care of my health.

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