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HRT linked to higher risks of acid reflux

Women who have used hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms may be more likely to develop gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, a new analysis suggests.

The study, published online June 27, 2023, by the journal Menopause, analyzed data from five earlier studies involving more than one million women, none of whom had been diagnosed with GERD before the study’s start. Researchers found that participants who were current or past users of hormone therapy for relieving menopausal symptoms were 29% more likely over all to develop GERD, which is characterized by heartburn, difficulty swallowing, and chest pain. Women who used estrogen alone had a 41% higher odds of GERD, while progesterone-only hormone therapy was linked to a 39% higher risk. Hormone therapy combining estrogen and progesterone was associated with only a 16% higher risk for GERD.

Harvard Health


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