The winter season brings unique challenges for maintaining wellness. Shorter daylight hours can drain our mood and disrupt circadian rhythms. Dry indoor air, freezing temperatures outdoors, and being cooped up inside more often can take a toll on our mind and body.

For us, the impact of winter on health can be particularly pronounced. Shifting hormone levels, greater susceptibility to seasonal affective disorder, and increased inflammation cause many of us to suffer more pain, depression and disturbed sleep during the colder months.

Despite our best cold-weather wellness efforts, some of us will also inevitably get sidelined by a viral infection like Covid, influenza, norovirus or the common cold at some point during winter. In this edition of the Sunday Supplement I have covered strategies to prime your immune system and how to prepare for viral infections, as well as how to beat winter blues and rev up your metabolism to prevent winter weight gain.

We may not be able to make winter magically warmer, but we can definitely make it healthier. Join me as we turn seasonal suffering into smooth winter sailing!

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