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Menopause Core Nutrition Solution

Enjoy a symptom-free, pain free, freedom-filled menopause just by getting your nutrition right

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Join the Menopause Core Nutrition Solution

I guarantee we’ll get rid of all your core menopause symptoms in 5 weeks. Even if you’ve tried everything else and are at the end of your tether.

Join the course

It only takes 5 weeks to reverse 7 core menopause symptoms with nutrition alone

personalise your nutrition

Detox for 7 days, follow a low carb, optimal protein and fat nutrition plan, then learn how to personalise your nutrition.

Reverse 7 core symptoms

Say goodbye to hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, low moods and being overweight. Guaranteed.

Menopause is coming for us all, ready or not. And truth is, it can hit you like a train. I’m guessing it already did?

You just don't feel like yourself anymore

You’ve got no energy. You can’t think straight. Your moods are all OVER the place and you’re at the end of your tether.

You just want your life back – to be able to function normally again. 

To get out of bed without creaking and groaning like you’re 100 years old. For your brain to not feel like it’s wrapped in wool. 

To not live in fear of that prickling, building furnace of hell that sends you running to hide in the toilets.

What if I told you I could get you your old-self (but better) back? In just a few weeks?

When you feel like every cell in your body, every thought in your brain has been blown apart and replaced with a dysfunctional evil twin, what I’m about to tell you might sound “too simple” to be true, wouldn’t it?

But Future You really needs you to hear me out – I promise you’ll be glad you did.

First, we have to back up a bit because…

Join the Menopause Core Nutrition Solution

Truth is, everything you’ve been told about menopause is wrong

You're not, and never will be, deficient in oestrogen

The medical profession talk about menopause as an“oestrogen deficiency”, which implies “lack, shortage” - like your body is getting it wrong.

Menopause is our natural evolutionary adaptation

Menopause is a natural evolutionary adaptation - a natural and necessary transition in our lives. Oestrogen declining through to menopause is normal. Agreed?

All symptoms have a root cause beyond oestrogen

Let's flip the question to ask what was it that oestrogen was doing to keep us healthy”... THEN we get to the root causes of the problem, and work with our bodies, rather than against them.

I CAn give your life back - Because by treating the root causes, I guarantee that ALL your core menopause symptoms can be reversed in a matter of weeks.

I can say this so confidently because I’ve proved it in my clinical work with hundreds of women.

I have a 100% success rate at reversing menopause symptoms. If you do the work and make the lifestyle changes, your menopause symptoms will disappear and you’ll have a renewed sense of energy and feel like your best ever self.

I’m Sandra Ishkanes and I’m a Functional Medical Practitioner.  I have a degree in Molecular Biology and a Masters in Social Anthropology and I’m an expert at rooting out and treating the cause of women’s hormonal conditions.

Through my clinical work, I’ve discovered that menopausal symptoms are rooted in poor metabolic health. The metabolism has gone haywire. Let me explain:

in menopause, our bodies switch energy sources, from sugar to fat

if you don't switch your nutrition, your metabolism will go haywire

Oestrogen is actually a sugar-burning hormone – it allows us to use carbohydrate as sugar energy. So as oestrogen declines, the use of carbohydrates for energy becomes more and more impossible – you can extract only about 20% of energy from sugar and carbs, compared to 100% pre-menopause.

Because of this low sugar uptake, our bodies go through an amazing metabolic adaptation, switching to mainly burning fat.

But you can’t burn fat if you are eating carbohydrates because then you boost insulin, and insulin is a fat storage hormone.

So if you continue eating sugar and carbohydrates, you won’t be able to use sugar OR fat for energy and you will suffer with the 7  symptoms – which all have low energy as their root cause.

don't blame oestrogen for what sugar did

The 7 core symptoms develop as you are constantly being flooded with sugar energy you can’t use and now you're converting it all to fat, while your body and brain are literally starving.

So now get ready for:

7 core symtoms

cause all the havoc


If you can't burn sugar AND you can't burn fat then you will feel tired, all the time, from the lack of energy

Hot flushes

The adrenaline rush that counters low energy causes you start sweating, causing hot flushes in the day

Associated with osteoporosis

night sweats

Low energy pushes adrenaline and cortisol and you start sweating, your heart rate goes up, you can wake up startled, some women have panic attacks.

* can lead to osteoporosis *


Adrenaline, then cortisol, rush to release glucose from your liver to counter the starvation in your body and body, creating anxiety, panic attacks and even heart palpitations

* can affect your self-confidence *

brain fog

Lack of energy to the brain will lead to fogginess and memory loss, lack of concentration

* can lead to dementia *

low moods

A lack of energy to the brain can cause low moods

* can turn to depression *

weight gain

You are constantly being flooded with sugar you can’t use and you're converting it all to fat.

* increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis *

all are common

but none are normal

Lean into menopausal fat burning, embrace this beautiful evolutionary adaptation, and all your CORE symptoms will disappear

We can reverse all menopause symptoms simply by leaning into the menopausal CORE energy switch and helping our bodies to BURN FAT for energy, instead of CARBOHYDRATE – because fat burning does not require oestrogen.

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Fuel yourself and free yourself

7 core symptoms

can be 100% reversed within 5 weeks

an endless supply of energy

a spring in your step and feeling like yourself again

zero Hot flushes

cool throughout the day

zero night sweats

you can sleep thoguh the night

Pin-sharp, sustained focus and memory

zero brain fog

perpetual calm

so you can better deal with life's challenges

Happy, motivated and bright

no more low moods

Weight loss and bloat loss

get comfortable in your body

we are built to adapt to low oestrogen

and it only takes 6 weeks to learn how

world menopause day special - Enrol now and feel awesome by Christmas

20% OFF until 10th November, limited to 30 women
use code WMD23-20%OFF

Introducing your guided plan to a symptom-free menopause

Menopause Core Nutrition Solution

My signature online nutrition programme teaches you how to eat for optimum health in menopause AND is guaranteed to get rid of your symptoms in just 5 weeks.

Nutrition to stop you feeling fat, forgetful, anxious, sweaty and tired.
course structure

5 weeks to stop feeling fat, forgetful, anxious, sweaty and tired and 1 week of learning to personalise your nutrition

Week 1
7 day intensive detox

By the end of this week you will have

  • improved sleep
  • increased energy
  • lost weight
  • have clearer skin 
  • less hot flushes,
  • less night sweats,
  • less anxiety,
  • less joint pain
  • less inflammation.

In the first week you will break through sugar cravings, reverse insulin resistance and start fat-burning. Reset and start with a clean slate.

Nutrition plan:
  • Detoxifying plants
  • Good fats
  • Nutritious, delicious detox shake
  • Eat as much as you like, whenever you like

The 7 Day Detox
will optimise your fat burning potential and
  • break sugar cravings
  • ramp up your liver function and 
  • flood your body with essential nutrients

Week 2 - 5

  • 75% reduction in your overall symptoms 


  • zero hot flushes
  • zero night sweats
  • zero fatigue 
  • zero brain fog
  • zero anxiety
  • zero low moods
  • zero heart palpitations

Now you discover how to really eat to nourish your menopausal body. It takes 4 weeks to get the full benefits of fat-burning.

Nutrition plan:
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Optimal healthy protein
  • Optimal healthy fats
  • A balance between acidic and alkaline foods to optimise fat burning

4 weeks of MenoKeto:

A nutritional formula that guarantees fat burning and individualises protein, fat and carbohydrate levels to your needs. It’s an adaptation of the keto approach, made to work for us. By the end of this stage all your CORE symptoms will have melted away.

Week 6
Personalising your nutrition

  • together we’ll create a personalised nutrition plan for you
  • you will learn how to nourish your body in a way that fuels you effectively 
  • you’ll feel fully equipped to manage your nutrition so that you can continue to enjoy a symptom-free menopause for life
  • expect a fountain of energy for life!

Finally we identify your personal carbohydrate tolerance point. It takes 1-2 weeks to establish what’s right for you.

Nutrition plan:
  • Start adding in your favourite carbohydrates

1 week of finding your carbohydrate tolerance point

How much carbohydrate can you eat and still burn fat for energy? It’s different for different women, so each of us has to find our own level. I will guide you to

  • find your carbohydrate tolerance point and
  • you will know exactly what you should be eating to be symptom-free for life.

You won't be alone and you will have everything you need for success

Weekly livestreams with Sandra and a group of like-minded women will cheer you on and support you

direct weekly access to Sandra

Engage in real-time conversations asking questions and getting immediate feedback on your concerns.


Connect with fellow women during the livestreams, fostering a sense of community and shared commitment to health.


Our powerful weekly group sessions keep you accountable and on track and help guide you through the programme.

motivation and inspiration
  • success stories
  • motivational tips
  • inspiration directly from Sandra, keeping your spirits high throughout the course
all the resources you need
  • Detox recipes
  • Detox food list and top tips
  • Meno Keto recipes
  • Course journal, 245 pages
  • Tracking tools
  • Toxicity quiz
  • Symptoms quiz
  • what to do if you go off-course
  • understanding hunger between meals
  • speeding up weight-loss
  • managing eating-out, travelling and unexpected events
  • how to manage and adjust if you’re also feeding your family
  • fine-tuning your metabolism
  • and so much more!
world menopause day special - Enrol now and feel awesome by Christmas

20% OFF until 10th November, limited to 30 women
use code WMD23-20%OFF


Within just a week I was feeling much healthier, clearer headed, and energised.

I highly recommend the Menopause Core Nutrition Solution to any woman who has experienced any hormonal disruption and not just the menopause.

Within just a week I was feeling much healthier, clearer headed, and energised (and much happier with my general appearance!).

The online support allowed me to make the necessary changes much more easily than I would have thought possible and Sandra was a non judgmental and motivating presence throughout.

The recipe ideas were easy and delicious too!

C.E. Brighton

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Oh my, I cannot believe how much better I truly feel.

My friend recommended the Menopause Master Plan to me back in early September and although I was sceptical, I decided to sign up and give it a go. Oh my, I cannot believe how much better I truly feel.

Sandra has put together a fantastic, easy to follow plan; personally I don’t like to call it a plan. To me it’s a new way of eating for the rest of my life.

The information Sandra has provided throughout the programme has been very interesting and informative; I have learnt a great deal about how our bodies work later in life and using alternative methods to help our bodies work better. The support throughout the programme has been top class and I really like the fact that you have an online group so that we can all share what we are experiencing and also share recipes.

When I started my new way of eating my symptoms included:

  • Frequent sleepless nights
  • Frequent headaches
  • Felt hot all of time and on occasion, hot flushes
  • Bloated and stomach cramps
  • Weight gain since the age of 40 and very difficult to lose
  • No libido
  • Vaginal dryness

My toxicity score started at 70 points and by the end of day 7 it reduced to 14. I still cannot believe how much better I feel, nearly all of my symptoms have gone away and they are still improving. My next stage is to introduce fasting twice a week.

I would recommend this programme to all women who may be experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above or you just want to change the way you eat and sleep for the rest of your life. Thank you Sandra for everything.


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My energy crashes stopped, my bloating was gone and my skin was glowing!

I’m in my early 40s and female. I went to see Sandra after I started having peri-menopausal symptoms. My main difficulties were low energy levels & mood, particularly in the afternoons, bloating and dry skin.

I did her 7 Day Detox for one week and continued taking the recommended supplements. I started to notice improvements in my energy levels within a few days of starting the detox.

A fortnight later I had stopped having energy crashes in the afternoon, my bloating was gone and my skin had noticeably more moisture. People even commented that my skin was glowing! I couldn’t believe that such a transition could be made by altering my diet, especially as I considered my diet to be fairly healthy anyway.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sandra. She was very experienced and personable.

G. S.

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A significant element of my overcoming the worst of symptoms was changing my approach to nutrition

After experiencing many troublesome menopause symptoms, I sought out ways to reduce the negative impact on my wellbeing and relationships. This, importantly, without resorting to HRT for what is such a natural process as menopause. There had to be a better way! There is a better way.

A significant element of my overcoming the worst of symptoms was changing my approach to nutrition. As a direct result of the experiential learning on the Menopause Master Plan my symptoms are under control, I feel healthier (mentally & physically) and am slimmer.

The nutritional guidelines are not complex and comprise all the good stuff without the fodder. I’m enjoying the food so much. It’s been hugely rewarding and also life-changing. There’s no going back…why would you?

K. A.

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My well-being is 80 percent improved

I would recommend highly to anyone suffering with peri-menopausal symptoms. It feels like you’re doing yourself a massive favour. Wish I’d done it years ago!

C. R.

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I’d recommend it to any woman – not as a diet, but as a way of rethinking how your body works, and how to fuel it properly

I wasn’t feeling any particularly acute perimenopausal symptoms before I did the course, but I’ve always been overweight, and been increasingly aware of the need for me to get into healthier habits as I’m getting older, so I went for this course – and never regretted it! The first week’s detox seems pretty hardcore at first, but I genuinely loved the shakes and never felt hungry, despite only eating green veg. I’ve gone cold turkey from sugar before, without this detox week, and it made a huge difference this time with no sugar cravings at all – which is quite amazing! It also sets the scene for having a truly delicious and exciting return to a smorgasbord of keto options, proteins and yummy sauces, and all the tasty meals you move onto after the first week.

I did find there was significant weight loss, and very effortlessly finding it falling away without feeling like I was particularly ‘dieting’. Much more exciting though, is the different kind of energy the course gave me – no drowsy post-meal dips or cravings to binge, but feeling really alert and awake for the whole day, while sleeping really deep and sound at night. I have to admit to slipping into some old habits now, months after doing the programme, but I’m really happy to think about doing the detox week again as a ‘reboot’ every once in a while, and giving me the same kick of energy and enthusiasm I’ve had from my first time. And with the really clear explanations of what each stage of the course achieves, and the rationale underlying the re-programming of what I eat, it all makes such obvious sense, once you know what it’s all about, you don’t drop the intention to keep going with the Menopause Core Nutrition Solution, even if you falter along the way.

I’d recommend it to any woman – not as a diet, but as a way of rethinking how your body works, and how to fuel it properly.

K.E. London
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At end of week 4 now and am feeling great

Energy levels good, sleeping well and no major fog this month. Definitely more clarity of thinking and focus. Who needs carbs eh?!!

J. R.

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My whole health and mindset has changed

I met Sandra at a networking event recently. All I can say is that wished I met her over 8 years ago! She has completely transformed my health for good. I spoke to her at length about my peri menopausal challenges over the past 8 years and she suggested I attend her clinic for a consultation. The best 1.5 hours ever spent.

My specialist peri-menopause plan concentrated on my nutrition and had supplements personalised to me to support me – it has seen my whole health and mindset change.

Not only did she deal with this she also solved my Tinea Versicolor skin condition, recommending MCT Oil, who knew?!

She also recommended I lay off the running and concentrate on Pilates.

Two months on and my lifestyle has certainly changed for good. Anyone that is struggling with their health or nutrition or is feeling at their wits end struggling with their menopause I highly recommend you get in touch with Sandra, you will not look back!

M. T.

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I now understand and can control the flushes! And on top of this I have shifted 16lbs and feel better than ever.

I went from miserable to feeling great in just 6 weeks!

Over the course I have got back in tune with what works for me

This was the first time I have ever done a detox and the first 7 days made an interesting week. At first I found it invigorating and realised how I had been drinking coffee at a ridiculously high potency-this I saw quite quickly this was adding to my stressed brain!

The detox was great felt levels of energy that I had not felt in a long time. My symptoms went from 40 plus to 13 the main issues were nights sweats, erratic moods and big anxiety!

The new way of eating, viewing food as a source of living nourishment is magic. Over the course of the Menopause Core Nutrition Solution I have got back in tune with what works for me. I have a new level of energy, more focussed and this very welcome feeling of calm.

Sandra was a fantastic source of motivation and support, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping you get the most out of it. Thank you for helping me get here Sandra.

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and that's not all!

take your health to the next level with my

Menopause Supplement Cheatsheet

Oestrogen does so much more than manage energy – it’s also an anti-oxidant, an anti-inflammatory and is involved in many pathways  in the body. Which is why when it declines in menopause we feel so many symptoms.

30+ symptoms can be addressed with supplements which is why this course includes my Menopause Supplement Cheatsheet so that you can write your own prescription.


High cholesterol
Facial hair
Brain fog
Joint pain
Hot flushes
Night sweats
Bladder prolapse
Insulin resistance
Low libido
Sluggish liver
Low moods
Dry skin
Vaginal dryness
Vaginal infections
Rectal prolapse
Muscle loss
Uterine prolapse
Weight gain
Water retention
Loose skin
Urinary tract infections
Vaginal atrophy
Dry eyes
Eczema worsening
ADHD worsening


Will this really work for me?

Women come into the programme for all kinds of reasons - and it works for all of them - I have a 100% success rate and have helped hundreds of women. Here’s a few examples of the fears and concerns they had before starting - and you’ll see from the testimonials they’re all VERY glad they joined. If you have a specific concern, I’d love to talk it through with you.

“The Dr said my symptoms weren’t ‘severe’ enough for HRT - but I feel completely debilitated. I can’t think straight, I’m an emotional wreck, I’ve got no energy. I just don’t feel like ‘me’ anymore. I just need some relief. I can’t feel like this for the next DECADE’

“I just don’t want to poison my body with synthetic hormones. It feels like I’m just delaying the inevitable - or else I’d be committing to being on them for YEARS. That just doesn’t sit right with me”

“HRT isn’t an option for me, for medical reasons. And right now, I’m scared. It’s like…being pregnant and knowing you’re going to have to do labour without pain-relief…and knowing the labour will feel like it’s never going to end”

“I’m on HRT already. My symptoms are less severe but they haven’t gone away. I want to find a more holistic and sustainable way to navigate menopause. I want to come off HRT altogether.”

I’m struggling to believe it can be this simple?

Yep, this is the No.1 thing I hear. It’s crazy, isn’t it, with all the research and attention on menopause that THIS approach - which has a 100% success rate - isn’t more widely understood.

Truth is our brains often don’t trust “simple” solutions. The more complex something is, the more likely we are to think it’s the Golden Ticket.

I can only tell you 2 things: Scroll back up and check out the testimonials from hundreds of women who’ve done this, to see that it really DOES work (when you follow the programme). And see my Guarantee to realise you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

I’m not sure I can do this?

There’s no short-cut here. For this to work, you DO need to follow the programme. But I can promise you this: Doing it together makes it 100 times easier and I’ve shared everything you need to know to make this as simple and manageable as possible - including a wide range of recipe ideas, information on how to make this work with a family, help with managing sugar cravings and all the other obstacles I know you’ll encounter.

So here’s the thing: I need you to reflect for a moment on how miserable your symptoms are making you right now, and how badly you want to fix them.

Because I promise I can fix them - but you have to be motivated enough to do this - to consistently eat the right foods. You’ve got to WANT this enough yourself, and you’ve got to make a commitment to yourself to do this - buying the programme is a huge help in that process, because it puts some skin in the game. Are you in?

What if I’m on HRT already?

That’s absolutely fine and this programme is perfect if you want to come off HRT.

If you don’t you will still benefit immensely as you will be leaning into the metabolic changes that you are going through.

It’s a plan for menopause but what if I’m perimenopausal?

If you’re in perimenopause – whether it's early (heavy periods and cycles are irregular) or late (periods are getting lighter and cycles are lengthening), then this is the perfect time to start preparing for menopause.

Women who start early can avoid all the symptoms altogether. Yes you read that right. You can avoid ALL the symptoms completely, I have.

Early perimenopause requires additional support with supplements and particular foods to lessen heavy periods and this is covered in my Zoom support calls.

What’s the difference between keto and MenoKeto?

The definition of keto is that you eat less than 20 g of carbohydrate a day. Women generally don’t feel healthy on such a low level of carbohydrates.

Menoketo is about eating low-carb as well as balancing alkalinity and acidity of food, and eating the right amount of protein and fat every day.

Balancing alkalinity and acidity of food is very important for women health. Unlike men, woman find it hard lose weight with their diet is highly acidic. Acidity comes from both protein and fat.

After years of clinical work I have developed the perfect food formula for balancing carbohydrates, fats, and protein so that women can burn fat energy without having to do a standard ketogenic diet. I call this formula MenoKeto.

Who is this course not suitable for?

The Menopause Core Nutrition Solution is not suitable for you if:

  • You are type 1 or type 2 diabetic
  • You are vegan or a strict vegetarian
  • You are pregnant
  • You have complex health issues such as any auto-immune condition, thyroid issues, endometriosis, severe digestive issues including having had your gall bladder removed. If you would like to address these issues then get in touch with me for investigative work into your health and for a personalised health plan.

If you’re not sure whether you are a good match for the Menopause Master Plan then email me and we can have a chat, at I can answer all your questions and you can decide whether to get on board.

Does the course start at a specific time?

No, you can start at any time but you have to complete the course within one year.

What happens after I enrol?

As soon as you purchase the course, you will be able access the course. All your user information is available in your dashboard.

You will also receive instructions on where to buy the 7 Day Intensive Detox supplement and a link to join the private community group.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course for one year, which means you can jump on my Zoom support calls for a whole year!

What if I have other questions?

I’m available to answer all your questions, please email me at, I’d love to hear from you.

Interested but hesitating?

If you LOVE the sound of being symptom-free, of finally finding a way to navigate this stage of your life with dignity and grace, but you’re hesitating, let me ask you a question:

What is your health worth to you?

Because the women I work with consistently rate their health as one of their top 3 priorities.

On paper.

They say that the impact of being in poor health is enormous – on them, on their families, on their ability to do…anything. And everything. That their health is of critical importance.

And yet, in real life, it certainly doesn’t LOOK like it’s a priority.

We’re so busy putting everyone else’s needs and priorities above our own, it’s barely even occurs to us that our health is something that might need some extra TLC. And when we do think about taking care of ourselves, even the simplest of self-care essentials (like shaving your legs!) can feel like some kind of illicit luxury.

That’s you, isn’t it?

Everyone else comes first, right?

So even though you say your health is worth everything to you, it’s squashed tight and going blue in the face, under the piles of other people’s priorities you’re putting infront of your own.

But there’s a reason the aeroplane safety drill says;

“Put your own Oxygen mask on first”

When you get yourself in optimum health, it’s not just you that benefits – it’s your whole family. When you have more energy, when you sleep better, when your moods don’t swing faster and more precariously than Matt Hancock’s popularity…when you’re happy, everyone wins.

So if you’re not naturally used to investing in your own health and happiness – can you see how this is also an investment in theirs?

My Guarantee

They say the proof is in the pudding - and you can see my pudding above - I’ve helped hundreds of women already and I’m looking forward to helping you.

But I understand how hard it can be to trust whether something is right for you, whether it will truly work for you.

So I want to take all of the risk out, so that you don’t need to take a leap of faith, you can get started with total confidence in your success.

If you’re not happy after 4 weeks – I will give you your money back.

If you buy this programme and follow all the steps, and show up to each of our weekly group coaching calls to check in and be accountable – and, hand on heart, you’re not happy after 4 weeks – I will give you your money back.

I can offer this guarantee with such confidence because I’m a Clinician with almost 10 years of experience and in all that time, this programme has worked for every woman that’s committed to it. For real.

course structure
  • 11 Modules
  • 50+ Lessons
  • Welcome
  • Support
    • Zoom orientation on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm
    • Zoom check ins on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm
    • Circle support group
  • Resources: Journal and Recipes
    • Your personal journal
    • 7 Day Detox Recipes
    • MenoKeto Smoothies
    • MenoKeto Breakfast
    • MenoKeto Salads
    • MenoKeto Meat Dishes
    • MenoKeto Fish Dishes
  • Prep for the 7 day Detox
    • Introduction
    • Let’s prepare
    • Quick start guide
    • Detox food list
    • Sample meal plan
    • 6 ways to supercharge your detox
    • Please read if…
    • Detox Tips
  • WEEK 1: The 7 day detox
    • Detox Day 1
    • Detox Day 2
    • Detox Day 3
    • Detox Day 4
    • Detox Day 5
    • Detox Day 6
    • Detox Day 7
  • WEEK 2: MenoKeto 1 – Get Started 
    • What is MenoKeto?
    • The MenoKeto Formula
    • Smart protein
    • Smart fats
    • Smart carbs 
    • Build your plate
    • Food to avoid
    • What to drink
    • Sample day plan
    • Tips and tracking your goals
  • WEEK 3: MenoKeto 2 – Troubleshooting
    • What do I do if I go off course?
    • Feeling hungry between meals?
    • Greasy, pale stool?
    • Want to speed up weight loss?
    • Eating out? Wonderful!
  • WEEK 4: MenoKeto 3 – Living the wisdom and joy of menopause
    • Doors Close, Doors Open
    • The Wheel of Life
  • WEEK 5: MenoKeto 4 – Prepare to personalise your nutrition
    • What is the Carbohydrate Tolerance Point?
    • Are you ready to find your Carbohydrate Tolerance Point?
  • WEEK 6: Personalise your nutrition 
    • How to find your Carbohydrate Tolerance Point
    • Factors that affect the Carbohydrate Tolerance Point
  • Power up and celebrate!
    • Power up, transform and celebrate
    • Fine tune your metabolism
  • 13 Detox recipes
  • 30+ MenoKeto recipes
  • Meal planner
quizzes and trackers
  • Toxicity quiz - before and after
  • Symptoms quiz - before and after
  • Daily symptoms trackers
  • Carbohydrate tolerance tracker
Journal and workbook
  • 245 page journal and workbook to keep you on track
  • Welcome and orientation Zoom session
  • 6 Zoom support sessions, Thursdays, 8pm
  • Private social group
  • Menopause Symptoms Cheatsheet

Give me 6 weeks and I'll give you back your life, for life. Guaranteed.

world menopause day special - Enrol now and feel awesome by Christmas

20% OFF until 10th November, limited to 30 women
use code WMD23-20%OFF

I have a new level of energy, more focussed and this very welcome feeling of calm. I have got back in tune with what works for me.

The new way of eating, viewing food as a source of living nourishment is magic.
Clarissa Bromelle
Head of Social Imagination at Human Nature

I had significant weight loss, without feeling like I was ‘dieting’.

Much more exciting though, is the different kind of energy the course gave me – no drowsy post-meal dips or cravings, but feeling really alert and awake for the whole day, while sleeping really deep and sound at night.
Kathy Evans
CEO Children England

A significant element of my overcoming the worst of my menopausal symptoms was changing my approach to nutrition.

My symptoms are under control, I feel healthier mentally & physically and I am slimmer.
Alex Klee
VP Xerox
world menopause day special - Enrol now and feel awesome by Christmas

20% OFF until 10th November, limited to 30 women
use code WMD23-20%OFF

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Connecting women, science and spirit, the Gynelogic Sunday Supplement delivers a bi-monthly dose of  news, views and reviews, as seen through my lady lens.