75% improvement

Menopause Rehab

75% of symptoms relieved with this 6 week course, including 100% of night sweats and hot flushes.

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Menopause supplement prescription

Menopause supplement cheat sheet

With this cheatsheat you will be able to find the supplement solution for almost every menopausal symptom. From hot flushes and night sweats to brain fog and dry eyes, you will be able to write your own supplement prescription.

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Rescue your menopausal vagina

Has your clitoris given up? Is your vagina as dry as the desert? Is sex painful? Remember sex?

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7 Day Intensive Detox

Push the reset button on your hormones Replenish critical nutrients Optimise liver detoxification Balance blood sugar and tam…

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And relax

Activate your relaxation response

Tap into a state of relaxed consciousness with Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation. Do this to also fall asleep quickly, and get more deep sleep than ever before.

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Welcome to the Gynelogic Academy

You can feel good about purchasing a used WEIMA machine. Each shredder and briquette press is refurbished on-site and outfitted with new WEIMA parts.

The fine details: When you purchase a new machine from WEIMA, you receive comprehensive training, optional add-ons, and access to our service department. All these things are true for our used machinery as well when you buy them directly from us. You can rest assured knowing we’ve got you covered!

Used machinery list is not updated in real time. Please call us directly to inquire about the status of the machines on this page.


The Gynelogic Academy gets women the relief they need

Women just like you who decided that enough was enough and took charge of their lives and their health: reviving their careers, restarting their relationships, spending more time with their children, following their passions and guaranteeing their health for their future.

I am proud to share with you some of their stories, in their own words.

Menopause Rehab

Within just a week I was feeling much healthier, clearer headed, and energised.

The online support allowed me to make the necessary changes much more easily than I would have thought possible and Sandra was a non judgmental and motivating presence throughout. The recipe ideas were easy and delicious too!

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Rescue your menopausal vagina

I couldn’t believe how Sandra resolved my vaginal dryness so quickly and easily

Vaginal dryness was one of my biggest issues, It was painful for me to even walk. The medication that my GP had prescribed did not offer any relief.

Sandra was able to sort the problem within 24 hours of using a natural product. I couldn’t believe how she resolved this issue so quickly and easily. I now use it regularly and don’t have any issues.

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Menopause Rehab

I now understand and can control the hot flushes!

And on top of this I have shifted a total of 16 lbs and feel better than ever!

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7 Day Intensive Detox

Sugar cravings have gone and I’ve retuned my eating habits

I have really enjoyed the fact that sugar cravings have gone and I’ve had the opportunity to retune my eating habits. The recipe suggestions are simple and tasty and there’s sufficient to allow a choice of dishes over the week. I feel happier in myself and healthier and have lost pounds as well!

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Why Choose the Academy?

MasterStudy is committed to helping students achieve their goals by providing an innovative environment and making a difference. Learn from the Best

Sandra has been a functional medicine practitioner for over 10 years, specialising in women’s hormonal health. The Academy is a distillation of all my knowledge and experience that I want to share with women across the world.

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Learn new approaches to health in your time, in your own way.

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