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7 Day Intensive Detox

Push the reset button on your hormones​

In just 7 days you can:


Boost your nutrition


Balance oestrogen


Stop sugar cravings


Kick start weight loss


Identify food sensitivites

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Cost: £65

Balance oestrogen and blood sugar

Optimise liver detoxification and gut function to remove excess oestrogen, and break insulin resistance.


  • heavy bleeding,
  • ovulation pain,
  • period pain,
  • inflammation,
  • PMS 
  • peri/menopausal symptoms.
Lose weight, stop cravings, sleep
  • Stop sugar cravings and mid-afternoon energy slumps.
  • Turn your body into a fat burner.
  • Lose 3 – 6 lbs or more
  • Notice deeper, more restful sleep
  • More energy in the morning and throughout the day
  • Less dependency on caffeine throughout the day.
Identify food sensitivities

Food sensitivities create inflammation, which can result in hormonal imbalances.

After the detox you can start with a clean slate to identify which foods are problematic and are creating hormonal imbalances.

Synchronise your hormones, jumpstart your metabolism and reboot your system

Trying to synch your hormones is confusing on your own. There is so much conflicting information about how to balance oestrogen, progesterone, insulin, thyroid hormones and melatonin.

In this 1 week course, Functional Medicine practitioner Sandra Ishkanes will teach you how nourish yourself to create optimum health when your hormones have gone haywire.

Easily stop eating bread, chocolate and pasta and instead feed you body with delicious and satisfying greens that will leave you balanced and empowered

In just 7 days you can kick-start your weight loss, clear your skin, heal your digestion and more. Are you ready to lose inches on the outside while cleaning up the inside of your body? If so, keep reading.

This amazing program is a revolutionary way to achieve weight loss, determine your food sensitivities and regain your health and self- confidence.

This program may be your rescue jacket. I believe that intense changes cause intense results. I’m sure you want to get better “yesterday” and I can help you achieve that. By the end of the week you will feel great, have little to no digestive complaints, your clothing will fit more loosely and hopefully regain a confident smile.

You know if you’re in need of a hormone focused detox if you have:

  • Low energy
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Low mood
  • Painful, heavy, or irregular periods
  • Breast tenderness
  • Bloating
  • Acne, rashes, or dry skin
  • Weight gain
  • Low libido
  • Hot flushes and night sweats
  • Infertility or miscarriage
  • Ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • Hair loss or excess body hair
  • Muscle aches
  • Joint pain
  • Estrogen dominance

The 7 Day Intensive Detox is designed to balance your hormones, especially oestrogen

Your hormones influence every area of your health including your mood, energy levels, digestion, weight, and more. This is because their main role is to act as messengers, sending instructions to every organ in your body to carry out specific tasks to keep you healthy.

However, problems occur when your body produces too much or too little of a certain type of hormone, leading to a multitude of health problems. Since your hormones control all aspects of your health, symptoms of a hormone imbalance can manifest in different areas of your body. 

These problems are driven by your liver running at a sub-optimal level,  because it’s overloaded with caffeine, alcohol, pesticides, sugar, etc.

When the liver is sluggish, it’s unable to detox oestrogen efficiently, leading to oestrogen overload, commonly know as oestrogen dominance. High oestrogen drives fatigue, acne, depression, anxiety, brain fog, mood swings, and weight gain, as well as the most common hormonal health issues too, from PMS to PCOS. 

‍Your liver needs to process excess oestrogen and toxins and eliminate them from your body - and it needs protein, plants, fats, vitamins and minerals, and resources to make this happen.

Many people argue that there is nothing you need to do to detox the liver, as the liver already functions as an organ of detoxification. While it is true that the liver is an incredible detoxifier, it requires sufficient quality nutrients to carry out this function of removing toxins from the blood.

The 7 Day Intensive Detox is not a a crash diet, juice cleanse, or fast, and it’s not about depriving you of food or making you count calories.

On this detox you will eat whole, high nutrient green foods that reduce inflammation allowing your hormones to function optimally.

And you will nourish yourself with the ideal amounts protein, healthy fats, fibre, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients for gut, blood sugar, liver and hormonal support.


The 7 Day Detox is easy to do!
And you can eat as much as you like, whenever you like

Cruciferous vegetables support oestrogen detoxification and thus hormonal balance which helps achieve optimal fertility and reduce oestrogen dominance and PMS.

To help eliminate excess oestrogen it is important to stimulate bile production with foods like dark leafy greens, celery, lime and lemon, watercress and artichokes.
Spinach, kale and broccoli are high in vitamin E, CoEnzyme Q10, myoinositol and alfa-lipoic acid to support egg maturation and quality.

Spinach, avocado, broccoli, parsley and asparagus are sources of glutathione a powerful antioxidant that supports phase I liver detox and reduces oxidative stress caused by toxins. This is important in inflammatory conditions like endometriosis or when boosting your egg quality.

7 Day Detox Guide: step-by-step instructions including supercharging your detox and tips to make it easy

Food List: a comprehensive list of green foods that are designed to maximise detoxification while keeping you full and happy. It’s real-world grocery list that can be applied to any local supermarket. And a list of foods to avoid.

Recipes: Choose from 13 healthy recipes bursting with nutrition, or create your own from the approved foods list, its so easy.

Troubleshooting Guide for any detox symptoms.

My recommended powerful 3-in-1 detox supplement is a ‘metabolic food’ designed to support healthy energy production and offers full liver and alkalising support.

Fortified with clean protein, a range of essential vitamins, minerals and individual amino acids including NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), glutathione, cysteine, taurine and glycine, all of which are crucial for detoxification pathways in the liver. Added anti-oxidant support from green tea.

It tastes like a delicious vanilla milkshake and has no added nasties.


Toxicity Quiz: how toxic are you? Take the toxicity questionnaire to take before and after the 7 Day Intensive Detox and you will be amazed at the results!

Daily Journal: keep track of your vital statistics, how you’re feeling and the fantastic benefits you experience.


Identify the foods you are sensitive to and break through the inflammation causing hormonal imbalance

Food sensitivities can drive many symptoms including migraines, difficulty losing weight, acne, hormonal imbalances and fatigue.

You will be guided on how to reintroduce foods one by one and how to time your  foods.

This is a powerful strategy to identify your specific food sensitivities once and for all.

A vital tool that will help you identify your food sensitivities once and for all.

Strategically reintroduce previously eliminated sugar and carbohydrates back into your diet and find the sweet spot for your daily sugar intake.

I use this detox with my clients who

Can't stop eating sugar and are snacking all day long
Can't lose weight no matter what they do
Have skin problems
Have heavy and/or painful periods, PMS, fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis and especially PCOS
Are bloating after eating
Are constantly fatigued
Have broken sleep
Have anxiety and/or low moods
Are nutritionally deficient
Want to identify food sensitivities

Because in just 7 days

Sugar addiction and constant snacking are broken
2-6lbs of weight is lost
Detoxification is boosted to clear skin
Oestrogen balanced to relieve heavy periods, support PCOS, endometriosis, adenomyosis and fibroid reduction
Gut is supported to eliminate bloating
Energy is restored
Sleep is deepened
Mind is brightened
Body is flooded with beneficial nutrients
Food sensitivities are identified


At the end of the 7 days no flushes at all! Literally every symptom from night sweats to anxiety has reduced massively.

The difference in me has been incredible. I really have been stunned by the turnaround in my symptoms.

Pre-detox I was getting 5-10 full on hot flushes but by day 4 if the detox I was getting 1 or 2 mild flushes. At the end of the 7 days no flushes at all! Literally every symptom from night sweats to anxiety has reduced massively. I didn’t believe I could feel this much better this quickly.

I’m making it my mission to spread the word! Women deserve a better menopause. Thank you so very much!


I’m now a serial menopause detoxer!

I’m now a serial menopause detoxer! Third time doing it in about 3 years, and the rapid change in energy and brilliant quality sleep are just as strong an impact as I got the first time – exactly what I needed!

I highly recommend doing the detox as part of the Menopause Core Nutrition Solution programme. The experience of doing it in a group of fellow women on the same journey, with Sandra’s warm, expert, leadership in the group, really makes a difference too (the second time I did it on my own, and it still had an impact, but I missed out on the camaraderie that really supports and excited me through it). The different thing this time is that I’m carrying on with the full programme for the next five weeks – the detox makes a massive difference in itself, so I’m super excited to know how much more deep and radical my life change is going to be with the full programme.

By the end of the week, felt fabulous

I really enjoyed this detox. It was challenging at times with a limited menu but I enjoyed that challenge. I had headaches after the 3 day but by the end of the week, felt fabulous. Although I did reintroduce lots of foods after the detox finished I found myself on a much better path for a good while. It was a really great reset. I’d definitely do it again.

I feel absolutely amazing!

I’ve done a few detoxes over the years (not as many as I should!!), and this has been by far the best. By day three I was really buzzing. I can’t begin to explain the difference. After 7 days, I’m ready for anything. The rules of the Detox are thankfully simple and easy. I was never depriving myself of good food, and I am delighted to have enjoyed it so much. 

I intend to repeat the Detox 3 or 4 times a year. Thanks to Sandra for such impressive results.

Oh, and I also lost 3.5kg of weight (in 7 days!!) – almost couldn’t believe my eyes – especially considering this is a detox programme and not a weight loss programme! …Bring it on!

PS. Salted Coconut Kale Chips ‘with’ Peacamole – who knew?? I’m eating that forever.

So much more energised and bright eyed!

Day 2 I wasn’t sure how I was going to carry on 😅  but by day 4 I definitely felt the benefits! 

Feeling so much more energised and bright eyed.

Sugar cravings have gone and I’ve retuned my eating habits

It’s been a really positive experience. I have really enjoyed the fact that sugar cravings have gone and I’ve had the opportunity to retune my eating habits.

The recipe suggestions are simple and tasty and there’s sufficient to allow a choice of dishes over the week. I feel happier in myself and healthier and have lost pounds as well! 

Lightness, weight loss, clarity of mind 

There were lots of great things such as lightness, weight loss, clarity of mind, emotional openness and little cravings. It did feel very nice eating such clean healthy food and I liked the protein shake. 

Cravings are gone, I have more energy, my mood is much better 

By the end of the week, all my cravings were gone, I had more energy, my mood was much better and I felt more motivated about getting healthy!

I lost 6.5lbs!

I managed the gym three times and pilates and didn’t feel like I couldn’t do it! 

I enjoyed taking time out to body brush, bath in sea salts and generally dedicating some time looking after me!! I lost 6.5 pounds! I would definitely do the Detox again. Highly recommended.

Course modules





Welcome to the 7-Day Intensive Detox course! Get ready to transform your health and discover the power of food sensitivity identification for hormonal balance and symptom relief.


What is a detox?

We will go through the 5 organs of detoxification that work efficiently as a whole to reduce the body burden or toxic load of chemicals.


Why detox?

Embarking on a detoxification journey can bring about a multitude of benefits. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why detoxification is specifically beneficial for women's health, highlighting its impact on hormonal balance, reproductive health, energy levels, mental clarity, skin radiance, and weight management.


Harness the power of green plants for detoxification

The emphasis on green vegetables is a strategic choice rooted in the principles of functional medicine. Green vegetables offer a wealth of nutrients, fibre, and phytochemicals that support the body's detoxification processes. This article explores the numerous benefits of green vegetables for detoxification from a functional medicine perspective, highlighting their ability to enhance liver function, provide antioxidant support, promote gut health, and reduce inflammation.


Prep for the 7 Day Detox


Quick start guide

A summary of the course and the steps you need to take to make your detox successful.


Let's prepare

Prepare for the 7 days with this comprehensive guide.


Detox food list

What to eat and what not to eat, including which vegetables, fats and drinks you can have over the 7 days.


Sample meal plan

You can eat as much as you like, whenever over the 7 days and I provide a sample day plan for you to follow.


6 ways to supercharge your detox

Turbo boost your detox with these 6 tips, including optimising the 4 metabolic pathways, how to synchronise your hormones and allow detox to happen.


Please read if...

you have issues with oxalates, have difficulties with digesting fats, are already taking supplements or medications.


Detox tips

Tips to make your detox a breeze, before you start, during and after the detox.


7 Day Detox Recipes

You can make delicious, nutritious dishes from the 13 recipes provided and make your own too.


The 7 day detox

3.1 - 3.7

Days 1 - 7

Day by day support for the 7 day detox, including what you can expect every day and how to move through any detox reactions.


Identifying food sensitivities


Food reintroduction guide

Now you can start re- introducing the foods you eliminated during the course to see it any of them lead to symptoms or problems. This guide will allow you to identify problem symptoms and how to track them.


Food reintroduction phase 1

Start adding in the 5 main food groups in a specific sequence and specific timing.


Food reintroduction phase 2

Add in the next 5 food groups and any other foods that you would like to test.



You have given yourself an awesome gift by embarking on the 7 Day Detox and identifying your food sensitivities.




Sugar reintroduction guide

If you had been eating a large amount of sugar, in the form of bread or pasta, or high amounts of fruit and want a plan for re- introducing sugar then this guide will help you find your sweet spot for eating sugar without it becoming a problem.


Detox maintenenace


When to repeat the detox

When to do the detox in the future to optimise your health.

The 7 Day Intensive Detox is designed to balance hormones, break sugar cravings, burn fat, boost your microbiome and strengthen your immunity

Do the detox if you:

  • Are feeling burned out
  • Want more energy
  • Need to lose weight, particularly belly fat
  • Struggle with food cravings.
  • Desire to detox your body after a period of eating too many processed and sugar-laden foods–or consuming excessive alcohol
  • Want to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Want to reduce heavy bleeding
  • Want to support specific menopause symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, constipation, and skin problems such as adult acne

Reset your health now!

Course modules:

  • Welcome
    • Introduction
    • What is a detox?
    • Why detox?
    • Harness the power of green plants for detoxification
  • Prepare for the 7 Day Intensive Detox
    • Quick start guide
    • Let’s prepare
    • Detox food list
    • Sample meal plan
    • 6 ways to supercharge your detox
    • Please read if…
    • Detox Tips
    • 7 Day Detox Recipes
  • Start the Detox
    • Detox Day 1
    • Detox Day 2
    • Detox Day 3
    • Detox Day 4
    • Detox Day 5
    • Detox Day 6
    • Detox Day 7
  • Identifying food sensitivities
    • Food reintroduction guide
    • Food reintroduction phase 1
    • Food reintroduction phase 2
    • Celebrate!
  • Bonus
    • Sugar reintroduction guide
  • Detox Maintenance
    • When to repeat the detox
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