Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were was a logical approach to our health, rather than band-aids of anti-depressants, hormonal drugs and surgery?

There is.

Personalised nutrition, supplements and a focus on self-care effectively can naturally balance our hormones. And it’s scientifically proven.

I work like a health detective, where symptoms provide the clues to the underlying causes of hormonal issues.

In many instances there are interactions between environmental causes of illness such as toxins, allergens, infections and poor diet, and multiple clinical imbalances in digestion, inflammation, hormones, detoxification and stress.

Once personal root causes are identified, I work together with my client to put together a hormone balancing protocol that is appropriate, effective and practical.

In every case, addressing the root causes can bring about complete resolution of symptoms, quickly and effectively.

Each gynaecological condition has its own set of underlying causes but as the combination of these is specific to each woman, each protocol has to be customised to the individual woman.

Hence the protocols presented here should not be taken as a specific approach to a particular condition in general.

These case studies represent my approach to solving hormonal health mysteries.

Reversal of severe premenstrual dysphoric disorder in a 43 year old woman who’s cyclical emotional chaos had made family life intolerable.
Reversal of severe brain fog in a 59 year old woman who’s ambition was to climb a mountain.
Reversal of severe chronic acne and premenstrual symptoms including uncontrollable anger, anger and mood swings, affecting work and family relationships.
Reversal of chronic and severe daily premenstrual anxiety and depression that started in childhood in a 33 year old woman.
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