Learn from the comfort of your own home with my expert-led online courses. 

These courses cover a range of women’s hormonal health topics, including detoxification, menopause management, nutrition, stress management, and natural remedies.

 All courses are self-paced, so you can learn on your own schedule.

Rock your Menopause

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    Course Tags: Nutrition
    Reverse at least 75% of your menopausal symptoms in just 6 weeks with this nutritional master plan.

    Included with this course is my Menopause Supplement Cheatsheet, 30+ symptoms reversed with specific supplements.

    Learn how to remain free of symptoms for life.

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    Course Tags: Supplements
    Which supplements are right for your menopause?

    30+ symptoms of menopause relate to the decline of oestrogen, which affects multiple metabolic pathways. This cheatsheet will help you match supplements to symptoms, so that you can fill the gaps that oestrogen left behind.

Synchronise your hormones

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    Course Tags: Nutrition
    It only takes 7 days...
    to improve heavy periods, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, sugar, addiction, headaches, rashes, bloating, poor sleep, weight that's difficult to shift, constant snacking, fatigue, with the 7 Day Intensive detox

Skills and tools to optimise your health

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    Course Tags: Analysis
    Unlock the secrets of your "normal" blood tests with Blood Test Results Decoded. This transformative guide empowers proactive women to identify hidden health issues — from hormonal imbalances to nutrient deficiencies — that standard tests often miss. Elevate your health journey with personalised, actionable insights today!

Conditions explained

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    Course Tags: Conditions
    Endometriosis is a complex inflammatory condition, dependent on oestrogen and resistant to progesterone.

    Take a deep dive into this ultimate guide to managing symptoms with expert insights and personalised strategies.

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