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The latest on menopause

Why life begins after the menopause: ‘I left my husband and found a toyboy’

You think the menopause signals the end? For these four women, it was only the beginning. Here they share their stories about how the menopause. was the trigger to improve their lives, careers, relationships and even sex lives…  

Hot flushes, mood swings and a diminished sex drive. The menopause s seen as a pretty miserable time for women – but new research suggests that it can actually trigger bursts of energy, creativity, and even renewed intimacy.

According to a recent survey by the Cleveland Medical Centre in Ohio, women in their 50s and 60s have more satisfying sex lives than younger women, and a report from the small-business support group Enterprise Nation revealed that more than half of new businesses started last year were set up by people over 46….

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